4 habits to keep your spine healthy throughout your life

4 habits to keep your spine healthy throughout your life

November 1, 2021 Off By crese

The spine is the bone structure that supports our body throughout life, that is why it is so important to take care of it to be always healthy. The key to maintaining a healthy and strong spine is to carry out daily habits that maintain its functionality in perfect condition.

Here are 4 valuable habits to keep your spine healthy throughout your life.

1-Maintain good body posture

You should work to maintain good body posture at all times: being still and being in motion. This allows your vertebrae to be in the correct position so that your body can function well. Your body weight is distributed accordingly and you can move comfortably. Keep in mind that pain, strain and trauma in this area are related to poor body posture.

2-Consistent physical activity

Good spinal health is largely based on the development of regular physical activity. You should perform cardiovascular exercises combined with strength exercises. You have to do a stretching session at the end of your fitness routine. This will help you to stay at your ideal weight and reduce tension and stiffness in your joints and muscles.

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3-Nutritious diet

Nutritious diet is one of the keys to good spinal health. Overweight and obesity are risk factors that impair the quality of bones, muscles and joints. A healthy weight is achieved through the consumption of lean meats, cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc and avoid excessive intake of fats and sugars. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen injures the spine.

4-Never smoke

Although it may seem incredible, if you want to have a healthy and strong spine throughout your life you should never smoke. Cigarettes are full of harmful substances such as nicotine, methane and butane, among others that are related to many diseases. These malignant substances are deposited in the tissues of your body and even damage the bones of your spine. That is why smoking is so closely related to bone diseases, in addition to many others. If you suffer from serious diseases in your spine visit spine.md to recover your good bone health.