Closure of the Source East charging network

At the end of March this year, 2017, the Source East Network will close. This note will explain the reasoning and how EV drivers can continue to use the existing charging infrastructure.

The Source East free-to-use Electric Vehicle charging network was set up in the East of England in 2011 as part of the Government’s Plugged-in-Places scheme. It worked with a number of Local Authorities and private organisations to locate EV chargers.  The free-to-use” Source East network has run much longer that the funded “Plugged-in-Place” programme.

Throughout 2016 and up to now, we have been working with ChargePoint Services Limited to migrate the network from the free to use to a more commercial “users pay” network. Given the experimental nature of the original network there have inevitably been a number of legacy chargers which cannot be absorbed into the new network.

During 2016-17, despite support from some local authorities, a large part of the financial cost of running the network has fallen back onto EValu8 and UHV. This is unsustainable and so the Source East network must close by 31st March 2017.

What action should you take?

This depends partly on which EV chargers you are most likely to be using. You will have realised already that roaming onto other networks has come to an end as each network has moved from free-to-use to some form of payment scheme.

Where chargers have been upgraded by ChargePoint Services Limited you will see “GeniePoint” signage added. Your Source East card will continue to operate the EV charging point until the owner/host decides with CPS to begin charging. At the same time we recommend that you follow the instructions given at . Once you have registered on the GeniePoint site and set up your details, you will have a GeniePoint account. To use you existing card visit one of the upgraded EV charging posts, logon to your account, present a card, wait for the number to appear, then choose to add that to your account. You will see clearly on the website that these posts are currently free to use. You will not be charged until such time as the owner/host decides to make charges.


To get a GeniePoint card you can go to the website  and register for a card.

Where there continues to be an existing Chargemaster EV charging post, you will need to register on the Chargemaster POLAR site, .

Should any post revert to the Charge-Your-Car network, drivers are advised to register at  .

Where there continues to be an existing Pod Point post, if your Source East card has worked it may continue to work but as these posts are now unsupported, we are advising hosts to upgrade their equipment. Newer Pod Point equipment is accessible directly by Mobile App only; see .

As further information becomes available, this website will be updated. Any enquiries about future provision should be directed to . For the benefit of all drivers relevant answers will be generated and placed on the Source East website as FAQs.

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